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Grain free and limited ingredient diets have become popular with North American Pet owners. Clear benefits are derived through a natural diet and a reduced risk of food allergies. LinkOne Ingredient Solutions is leading source ingredients to support these types of diets that manufacturers are bringing to the marketplace.


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All LinkOne potato products are subjected to the highest of quality standards. Our facilities employ Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and we will work to exceed our customer’s expectations. We partner with our customers to develop specific solutions depending on your needs, have a question contact us today!


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Extrudapro™ potato

Sweet potato



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• Wholesome and pure potato mechanically dried for quality and food safety.


• Proprietary processing method developed specifically for pet food extrusion.


• Delivers parity or preference in palatability across all test formulas.


• Maintains shape integrity at low, medium, and high inclusion levels.


• Requires nominal processing change at various inclusion levels.


• Flexibility to increase run rates to 1.5 times with both chicken first medium potato formula, and high potato chicken second formula.

Extrudapro™ potato
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