About Us

Our History

We began as 3D Corporate Solutions in 2002. As our pet solution manufacturing operations expanded, we found a new focus on supplying healthy-grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, egg, yeast and grain-free ingredients. So, in 2019 we changed our name to LinkOne Ingredient Solutions.

Our name signifies our passion for serving customers as the most critical link in their supply chains.

Listen, Serve, Solve

At LinkOne Ingredient Solutions, we deliver excellent ingredients and solutions through these three key actions. They are the driving force behind what we do.


Listening is the first step to creating a successful, innovative solution for our customers’ supply chain challenges. Our relationships with customers are paramount to ensuring quality.


Our relationships with customers are paramount to ensuring we meet and exceed expectations. We steadfastly remain servant leaders.

3. Solving

Innovation is our standard. We use insight-driven solutions and customized offerings to help customers thrive. We’re excited to take on challenges with our industry-leading knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit.

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