Solutions for Your Ingredient Needs

At LinkOne Ingredient Solutions, our priority is to create customer-focused, innovative solutions. We can help your business develop ingredient supply streams that make sense for you.

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Our ability to understand our customers’ needs and our flexibility to innovate makes LinkOne the perfect supply-chain partner.

Check out how we’ve innovated ingredient supply chain and sourcing processes for our customers. 

Product Innovation:

Extrudapro™ Potato

We’re the largest supplier of potato products to the companion animal industry. 

We developed a potato product specifically for pet food extrusion. This potato prevents extruders from becoming clogged, alleviating production headaches for our customers.

Just-in-Time Supply

Dumas, Arkansas Facility

We build with our customers in mind. We developed our Dumas facility to serve a key customer with a just-in-time supply for any last-minute needs. 

Healthy Grain Solutions:

Meeting Millet Demand

Demand for healthy grains, including millet, is increasing. When the U.S. experienced a low-yield harvest, and local prices rose, we used our supply chain capabilities to find millet in other areas of the world to meet customers’ needs. 

Solutions for Your Ingredient Needs.

We develop winning partnerships with our customers by focusing on their needs and creating strategies that help their operations excel.

Facility development, strategic alliances and ingredient delivery optimization are just a few ways we solve our customers’ ingredient supply challenges.

View our ingredient supply facilities and processing page to learn more. 

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